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Business Dissolution  –  Close Your Business  – End Your Financial Drain

Don’t lose sight of all the things that must be resolved before you walk away from your business. You
don’t need unfinished technicalities coming back at you in the future causing you further financial drain.

It’s important that when you close your business, you have confidence knowing you did everything
possible to free youself from future liabilities and that all details and expenses will be finally over.

Get the experience and legal guidance from Business Dissolution Attorney Jay Eckhaus, who will
make the whole process easier for you. Your best interests will be protected.

Mr. Eckhaus has 35+ years Business Law experience.  He knows exactly what needs to be done.
He works in a timely, cost effective manner and he’s easy to talk to.

Timely, Reliable, Affordable.


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Business Dissolutions Attorney Services

Business Dissolutions

Business Dissolution Attorney Services 

Business Dissolution Agreement
LLC Dissolution Agreement
Dissolution of Partnership
Corporate Dissolution
Buy / Sell Agreement
Buy-Out Agreement
Stand-Still Agreement
Put & Call Agreement
Successor Planning – Business Succession Planning
Indemnity Agreement
Mediation Agreement to Amicably Resolve Differences
Arbitration Agreement to Amicably Solve Differences
Broker Listing Agreement
Investment Banking Contract with Lehman Brothers Formula
Investment Banking Contract w/o Lehman Brothers Formula
Arbitration Provisions

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