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Are you looking to form an LLC or form a Corporation but are not sure which entity will be best for you?
There are many important legal aspects to consider when choosing your type of Business Formation.

State laws, tax compliance, the management of your business, and the legal protection you need, among others, differ between the various types of business entities. Your entity should be the one that best protects you, and suits your business & operations.

Business Attorney Jay Eckhaus will give you legal advice to help you decide which type of Business Formation is best for your needs. He is licensed in FL, NY and OH and has been doing Multi-State Business Formations for over 35 years.

Rely on attorney Jay Eckhaus to form your LLC or Corporation so you can sit back, relax & get peace of mind. He will:

•  discuss the benefits & pitfalls of each business entity so you can decide which one best suits your needs

•  form your Corporation, LLC, or business entity of your choice to protect you & comply with Florida laws

•  prepare any agreements you need for your business & new entity so you can get your business running


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Form Corporation, Form LLC, Business Formations Attorney, Business Formations Lawyer

Business Attorney to Form a Corporation or Form an LLC

Business Formations – Structure of Business Entities

Business Organizations
New Businesses  –  Start-ups
Corporations  –  Incorporating
Limited Liability Company   –   LLC
Limited Partnership
General Partnership
IRS Taxpayer Identification Number Application – EIN
Fictitious Name Registration  –  DBA
S Corporations
Joint Ventures
Sole Proprietorship
Non-Profit Organizations  –  Not For Profit Organizations
Shareholder Agreements
Operating Agreements


Business Counseling, Operations, Transactions – Business Formations Attorney

Business Finance Structuring
Shareholder Meetings
Board of Directors Meetings
Corporate Minutes
Corporate By-Laws
International Transactions
Successor Planning   –   Business Succession Planning
Corporate Governance
Directors & Officers Responsibility & Liability
Business Investigations
Business Law
Commercial Law
Closely Held Business Counseling
General Corporate Counseling
Antitrust – Trade Regulation


Business Advertising  –  Public Relations

Advertising Review
Comparative Advertising
Advertising Review Board  –  Better Business Bureau
Commercial Privacy Rights
Advertising & Talent Releases
Public Relations  –  Press Release Review
Unfair Competition
Deceptive Practices  –  Including FTC Section 5



Free e-book Download Basic Law for Businesses

Free e-book Download Basic Law for Businesses

Free e-book Download
Basic Law for Businesses
by Business Formations Attorney Jay Eckhaus

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