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Business lawyer Jay Eckhaus is the primary attorney at the Business Law Center of the Palm Beaches. His
practice focuses entirely on business law, representng small businesses, entrepreneurs and corporations.

You can rely on Mr.Eckhaus to give you timely, relevant legal solutions for your specific business needs.
You’ll get legal advice that will protect your best interests and give you peace of mind.

Get your legal questions answered.  Jay will approach your legal concerns in a straight-forward manner.
You’ll find that he is easy to reach and easy to talk to.

Flexible hours can be scheduled for your convenience.  –  Timely, Reliable, Affordable.



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Business Law Practice Areas:

New Business Startup Business Lawyer
New Business Startups

Find out what you need to start your new business on the right foot. Get your legal questions answered. Business lawyer Jay Eckhaus will meet with you to talk about your business needs and concerns. He will walk you through the steps to get your business up, running and ready for success.

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Form Corporation LLC Business Attorney
Business Formations

The location of your business, tax compliance, tax benefits as well as the legal protection you need are important in deciding the type of business you should form. Mr. Eckhaus will work with you to help determine which type of business formation is best for you. He will set up your business entity according to your particular business needs, financial needs and in compliance with your state laws.

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Trademarks & Licensing Business Lawyer   
Trademark & Product Licensing

Get your Trademark Registered. Business Lawyer Jay Eckhaus is skilled in Trademark Law.  He is experienced in dealing with the USPTO and responding to Office Actions as may be required by the USPTO to get your Trademark approved. He will take the proper steps to make modifications, if necessary, to meet USPTO requirements and to help protect you against Trademark conflicts.

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Contracts & Agreements Business Lawyer
Contracts & Agreements

You might think that a ready-made general contract is less expensive than having an attorney draft one for you. Not true. A one-size-fits-all contract may not fit your business, protect your best interests or comply with Florida law. Having a Florida Business Lawyer write your contract gives you better protection and helps you avoid liability.

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Internet & E-Commerce Business Lawyer 
Internet & E-Commerce

Your online business may seem far away from liabilities. In reality, it is equally exposed to lawsuits and customer claims as any other business. Terms of Use Policies and Privacy Policies can protect you if they include specific legal wording appropriate for your business model, legal compliance and other regulations. Internet Attorney Jay Eckhaus is an experienced attorney/advisor to online businesses. He will draft a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy designed for your legal protection.

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Buy-Sell, Mergers-Acquisition Business Lawyer
Buy-Sell /Mergers-Acquisitions

Get the most out of your investment with a Buy-Sell or Buy-Out Agreement specifically written to protect your assets and best interests. Business Lawyer Jay Eckhaus has 35 years mergers-acquisitions experience preparing Letters of Intent, Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase Agreements, Due Diligence examinations, and much more.

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Franchise & Distribution Business Lawyer
Franchising & Distributing

Understanding your Franchise Disclosure Documents is crucial in making sure you’re getting what you expect to be buying.  FDD’s can easily be misinterpreted as legal language may be confusing. Franchise Lawyer Jay Eckhaus will walk you through each step, review Franchise Disclosure Documents, draft your Buy-Sell Agreement, and go over the advantages and pitfalls involved in your purchase.

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Business Dissolutions Business Lawyer
Business Dissolutions

Jay’s 35 years experience as a business attorney will give you confidence and peace of mind. You will get the legal guidance you are looking for to get the outcome you want. Rest assured that your best interests will be protected. Jay is easy to talk to and he works in a timely, cost effective manner.

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Technology & Product Licensing Business Lawyer
Technology, Product Licensing & Trade Secrets

A great way for you to reach more markets and grow your business is to license your products, technology or trade secrets. Licensing authorizes others to sell or manufacture your products to increase your income with a minimum of your capital. Speak to Business Lawyer Jay Eckhaus about the advantages of licensing and pitfalls that should be avoided to protect you.

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Employment Law Business Lawyer 
Employment Law for Employers

Jay’s business law practice focuses on protecting Employers and helping them avoid employee claims, protect against liability, monetary rewards to employees and compliance penalties. He will be happy to meet with you to make sure that you are in compliance with both federal and Florida employment laws, as well as help you with any employment issues you may have.

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Commercial Real Estate Business Lawyer 
Commercial Real Estate

Buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate with commercial real estate lawyer, Jay Eckhaus, will give you peace of mind to close your deal with ease. Jay will write or review your broker agreement, real estate contract, coordinate due diligence examinations, handle landlord-tenant issues and more.

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