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Buy a Business – Don’t Buy Seller’s Liabilities

When you buy a business, the seller’s liabilities may be hidden to make the sale more attractive. It’s like buying a used car because it looks mean and sexy, but after you buy it, the car won’t go. Buyer beware! You don’t want to inherit someone else’s problems.

Jay Eckhaus is a Business Lawyer who will help you negotiate, review and draft your purchase contract. He knows pitfalls to avoid, questions to ask and legal wording you need to protect you against being stuck with Seller’s unwanted baggage.

Jay’s 35 years experience as a business lawyer includes:

•   Startup and Small Business Acquisitions – Attorney for Buyers and Sellers
•   $15 million Convertible Preferred Stock Private Placement – Buyer’s Attorney
•   $25 million Equity Line Private Placement – Business Attorney
•   $100 million Acquisition Financing through Eurodollar offering and debt/equity swap – Buyer’s Attorney
•   Palm Beach County Business Incubator – Chairman
•   Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council – Chairman

He handles Due Diligence, acquisition counseling, corporate planning, risk management and more.


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Free eBook

Free eBook Download Checklist for Buying a Business

Free eBook Download Checklist for Buying a Business

Jay works with clients who are buying or selling a business.
His goal is to help clients get the most out of their investment. 

This eBook is a must read for anyone who is buying a business because it:

      •  outlines all the information you need to have

      •  explains the process of buying a business from a legal standpoint

      •  gives recommendations by attorney Jay Eckhaus about buying a business 

This Checklist explains the specific research to be done and lists the
preliminary documents and information needed when you buy a business.  

You can download this free eBook by clicking here.




Buy-Sell, Mergers & Acquisitions

Buy-Sell Businesses

Business Buy – Sell Preliminary Planning

Mergers & Acquisitions
Successor Planning for Family Owned Businesses
Successor Planning for Closely Held Corporations
Engagement Letter
Business Broker Agreement
Letter of Intent
Due Diligence Investigation
Investment Banking Engagement Letter
Investment Banking Agreements –
with Lehman Brothers Formula
without Lehman Brothers Formula
Business Re-Capitalization
Foreign Investment – E-2 Visa
Change in Control


Business Sales & Purchase Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset Acquisitions
Share Acquisitions
Buy-Out Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
SBA Financing of Business Purchases
Employment Agreements
Stay-On Bonus Agreement
Non-Compete Agreement –
in Association with Mergers & Acquisitions
“Drag Along” Rights
“Tag Along” Rights
Put-Call Buyout Rights


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