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Jay Eckhaus, Employment Attorney, has been protecting business owners from employment problems,
potential employee claims and liability.  He has 35+ years employment law experience.

Jay works in a timely, reliable and cost-efficient manner.  He will watch out for your best interests and
make it easy for you to be compliant.


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Employment Law Attorney Services

Employment Law

Employment Law Agreements

Employment Applications
At Will Employment Agreements
Protecting At Will Employment in light of Recent NLRB Challenges
Employee Arbitration Agreements
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements
Non-Solicitation Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Non-Compete Agreement -Non-Competition
Stay-On Bonus Agreement
Severance Agreement



Compliance & Employer Counseling

Workplace Investigations
Sexual Harassment Investigations
Discrimination Investigations
Workplace Violence
Employment Law Counseling
HIPAA Release Agreement
Drug Testing – Drug Free Workplace Policies
Federal Contractors – Drug Free Workplace
Department of Transportation – Drug Free Policy
Protecting Employers from Employee Privacy Rights
Workplace Monitoring
Protecting Trade Secrets
Protecting Confidential Business information



Employment Application
Job Application with Arbitration Provisions
Employment Background Checks
Authorization for Reference Check & Release of Liability
Reference Checklist
Drug Testing Policy meeting Florida State Law Requirements
Fair Credit Reporting Act Release
Driver’s License & Background Check Authorization



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Free e-book Download Hire & Retain the Best Employees

Free e-book Download Hire & Retain the Best Employees

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Prevent Employee Disputes & Lawsuits

Prevent Employee Disputes & Lawsuits

Employment Laws for the Workplace

Employment Laws for the Workplace

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