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Visitors decide in seconds whether they will stay on your website or shop elsewhere,
so it makes sense that you would do everything you can to get them to stay and buy.

In doing so, you may unintentionally make promises that may be legally viewed as implied, exaggerated, or misleading.

Properly written Terms & Conditions, or Terms of Use, and a Privacy Policy help limit your liability and protect you
from unintended promises and customers who make complaints hoping to get free products or services.

A proper Privacy Policy also helps protect you from potential liability regarding customers’ personal information
by spelling out your use of personal information -such as credit, name, contact info.- as permitted by law.


Internet Attorney Jay Eckhaus has the experience and knowledge you need to launch and protect
your internet business. Jay will:

•  draft your Term and Conditions to set the terms under which your promises, sales and services apply

•  draft your Privacy Policy to disclose your use of customer’s personal information and to comply with FL law

•  advice you and draft any other legal documents you need to get your business protected and up & running


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Internet, E-Commerce, Cyber Law Lawyer

Internet, E-Commerce, Cyber Law Lawyer

Internet Attorney – Online Business Must-Haves

Website Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
Disclaimer Notices & Warranties
Refund Policy & Disclaimers
Software Licensing
Fulfillment Agreement
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
SEO – Search Engine Optimization Agreement
Website Design Contract
Website Development Agreement
Works Made for Hire Agreement

Internet Attorney – Legal Issues Not to Be Ignored

Domain Conflicts
Take Down Notice
Trademark Conflicts





Starting an Internet Business?     What Else Can I Do For You?


Form a Corporation or LLC

Internet Business Formation – Internet Attorney

Internet Business Formation

Limited Liability Company
S Corporation Election
Non-Profit Organization
Tax-Exempt Organization
Joint Ventures




Startup Your Internet Business - Internet Attorney

Startup Your Internet Business – Internet Attorney

Internet Business Startup

IRS Taxpayer Identification Application
Ficticious Name Registration
DBA Registration
“Idea” Disclosure Contract
General Corporate Counseling
Unfair Competition
Privacy Rights
Website Copyright


Contracts & Agreements for Internet Businesses

Contracts & Agreements for Internet Businesses

Contracts for Your Internet Business

Operating Agreement
Shareholder Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing
Distributor Agreement
Financing Agreement
Advertising & Marketing Agreements
Promissory Notes


Trademark - Internet Attorney

Trademark – Internet Attorney


Trademark Application
Trademark Registration
Trademark Searches
Trademark Protection
Trademark Licensing
Trade Secrets



Technology & Product Licensing

Technology & Product Licensing

Technology, Products & Trade Secrets

Product Development Agreement
Technology & Product Licensing
Software Licensing
Cloud Storage User Agreement
Trade Dress
Equipment Leasing
Cyber Squatting



Employment & Independent Contractors

Employment & Independent Contractors

Staffing Your Internet Business

Independent Contractor
Employment Agreement
Employment Background Check
Fair Credit Reporting Release
Employment Application
HIPAA Privacy Policy




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