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Startup Your New Business  –  Legal Advice to Get Your Business Up & Running

Starting a New Business is like bungy jumping.  You take the plunge, have an exciting ride and your life changes forever.

Well, we can’t exactly promise you that Business Attorney Jay Eckhaus will change your life forever, but he will
make it easy and cost effective for you to take the plunge and get your new business started.  Jay will:

•   discuss your business and the benefits of each type of  business entity

•   give you legal advice and help you decide which business entity best suits your needs

•   form the business entity that protects you and complies with Florida state laws

Jay will also negotiate, prepare or review contracts for your specific business needs and protection.
He will prepare applications, registrations, licensing and confidentiality agreements as needed.


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Starting a New Business Legal Services

New Business & Home Business Startups

Set Up Your New Business Startups Structure

Limited Liability Company
Shareholder Agreement
Operating Agreements
Limited Partnership
General Partnership
S Corporation Election
Joint Venture
Sole Proprietorship
Non-Profit Organization
Tax-Exempt Organization
Closely Held Businesses
General Corporate Counseling


Startup Your New Business

IRS Taxpayer Identification Applications
Fictitious Name Registration – DBA
Terms & Conditions of Sale
Website Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
Website Design & Development Agreement
Website Fulfillment Agreement
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agreement
Trademark Licensing Agreement
Technology Licensing Agreement
Commercial Lease
International Transactions
HIPAA Release
HIPAA Authorization
Directors & Officers Responsibility & Liability
Organization Minutes & By-Laws
Trade Secrets
Trade Dress

Staffing Your New Business

Independent Contractor
Contractor & Subcontractor Agreements
Consulting Agreement
Employment Law – Employer
Employee Handbooks / Policy Manuals
Employment Agreement
At Will Employment Agreements
Employment Background
Reference Check Release
Fair Credit Reporting Act Release
Employment Applications
Drug Testing / Drug Free Workplace

Protecting New Business Trade Secrets

Franchise Sales Contract
Distributing Agreement

Products and Services

Contract Manufacturing
Licensing Agreement
Confidentiality Agreements
Non-Solicitation Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Non-Competition Agreements
Exchange of Confidential Information Agreement
Distributor Agreement
Product Development Agreement
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing
Co-Packing Agreement
Equipment Leasing
Customer/Client Releases & Contracts

Financing for New Business Startups

Promissory Notes – Secured
Promissory Notes – Unsecured
Guaranty Agreements
Finance Structuring
Equipment Leasing



























Free e-book Download Basic Law for Businesses

Free e-book Download Basic Law for Businesses

Free e-book Download
Basic Law For Businesses
Written by Attorney Jay Eckhaus
Business Law Center of the Palm Beaches


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