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License Your Technology & Trade Secrets to Grow Your Business & Increase Your Income

Technology, products and trade secrets licensing helps you reach more customers in a shorter amount of time costing you less.

Authorizing others to sell or manufacture your products can increase your income by extending your sales force and/or the production of your products using a minimum of your money. It’s a profitable way to grow your business.

A Licensing Agreement or Contract drafted specifically for your needs by a Licensing Attorney allows your Contract to specify the exact limitations and terms you require of each Licensee.  “One Size Fits All” Contracts may not include protections and limitations you need.

Jay Eckhaus, Technology Licensing Attorney, has over 35 years experience helping clients license and protect their products, technology and trade secrets. Jay will work with you personally to draft your Licensing Agreement for your specific needs and legal protection.


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Technology & Product Licensing

Technology & Product Licensing

Technology Licensing Attorney Contracts

Technology Licensing Agreement
Product Licensing Agreement
Technology Transfer Agreement
Product Development Agreement
Cloud Storage User Agreement
Software Licensing Agreement


Trade Secret Attorney Contracts

Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Solicitation Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Non-Competition Agreement  –  Non-Compete
Exchange of Confidential Information Agreement
Non-Circumvention of Disclosed Technology
International Transactions
Joint Venture Agreement

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