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A Trademark is often described as a name, a logo, a brand, a slogan… Quite frankly, a Trademark is much more than “a” Trademark. Like your social security, your Trademark reveals your identity and is unique to your business.

Your Trademark makes it easy for customers to recognize and remember your brand. It represents the quality of your products or services, and sets your business apart. Your Registered Trademark protects your brand from your competition, gives you exclusive ownership of the mark, and prevents others from using the same or similar mark.

While having a Trademark attorney file your TM is not a requirement, we find it advisable to do so. The USPTO rejects approx. 40% of TM Applications. Making sure the Trademark Search and Trademark Registration is done correctly is very important to assure you’re being properly protected. After all, you wouldn’t give your social security just to anyone, would you?


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Trademark Attorney Jay Eckhaus provides comprehensive Trademark Search and
Trademark Registration services in an efficient, personal and affordable manner.

Jay has 30+ years experience and works in a timely & professional manner. He will:

•  conduct a thorough Trademark Search to determine if your TM can be registered

•  meet with you to discuss his findings, and whether modifications are needed to avoid infringement

•  file an application to Register Your Trademark with the USPTO

•  deal with the USPTO and respond to their legal Office Actions, if any, to meet USPTO requirements

•  help you protect your Trademark and decide the correct class(es) under which to file it


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Trademarks & Licensing, IP Legal ServicesTrademark Attorney Services – Search, Register, Protect

Application to Register Trademarks – USPTO
State Registration of Trademarks
Trademark Searches for Registering Trademarks
Trademark Protection
Cease & Desist Letters
Common Law Trademark
Trademark Licensing Agreement
Fictitious Name
DBA RegistrationLicensing Agreement
Technology Licensing
Product Licensing
Technology Transfer
Custom & Border Protection (CBP) Registration


Intellectual Property – Attorney Services

Jay will write the appropriate agreement to help protect your intellectial property:

Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement – NDA
Digital Millennium Copyright Act – DMCA
“Take Down” Notice
Trade Secrets &  Trade Dress Packaging
Unfair Competition
Privacy Rights
Identity Theft
“Idea” Disclosure Contract
Talent Waiver & Consent


Service Mark – Attorney Services – Search, Register, Protect

Service Marks that are different but sound alike  are sometimes rejected by the USPTO. How can you avoid that?
Attorney Jay Eckhaus will help make sure your service mark is properly registered to meet USPTO’s requirements.

Service Mark Registration
Service Mark Application
Common Law Service Mark
Service Mark Searches
Service Mark Protection
Cease and Desist Letters


Advertising – Attorney Services

Advertising Agency Contract
Public Relations Contract
Talent Licensing Agreement
Advertising Review
Comparative Advertising
National Advertising Review Board – BBB


Other Ways to Develop Your Business


Online Business

Internet -Online Business Websites

Internet – Online Business

Website Development Contracts
Website Terms of Use
Terms & Conditions for Internet Businesses
Privacy Policy
Disclaimer Notices
Domain Conflicts
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
Take Down Notice



Form a Corporation or LLC

Internet Business Formation – Internet Attorney

Business Formation


Limited Liability Company
S Corporation Election
Business Entity Counseling
Non-Profit Organization
Tax-Exempt Organization
Joint Ventures



Startup Your Internet Business - Internet Attorney

Startup Your Internet Business – Internet Attorney

Business Startup

IRS Taxpayer Identification Application
Ficticious Name Registration
DBA Registration
“Idea” Disclosure Contract
General Corporate Counseling
Unfair Competition
Privacy Rights
Website Copyright


Contracts & Agreements for Internet Businesses

Contracts & Agreements for Internet Businesses

Contracts for Your Business

Operating Agreement
Shareholder Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing
Distributor Agreement
Financing Agreement
Advertising & Marketing Agreements
Promissory Notes


Technology & Product Licensing

Technology & Product Licensing

Technology, Products & Trade Secrets

Product Development Agreement
Technology Licensing
Product Licensing
Software Licensing
Cloud Storage User Agreement
Trade Dress
Equipment Leasing
Cyber Squatting


Employment & Independent Contractors

Employment & Independent Contractors

Staffing Your Business

Independent Contractor
Employment Agreement
Employment Background Check
Fair Credit Reporting Release
Employment Application
HIPAA Privacy Policy




Trademark Lawyer Jay Eckhaus will help you get your Trademark Registration approved and help you get the protection you need.

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